Universal Simulator / Urology Upgrade

The INVIDIA Universal Trainer with Urology Upgrade is suitable for learning and training all common bipolar resection methods such as:

bipolar electroresection
side-fiber laser vaporization
bare-fiber laser vaporization

The concept of the realistic resection trainer focuses on four objectives:
- Learning how to use a resectoscope and                        assessing/evaluating the field of vision 
  by using real instruments
- Learning and training the resection technique
- Learning and optimization of method-dependent            instrument flushing
- Learning and training of special anatomical resection      techniques

The resection trainers can be used in combination with all common resectoscopes. A special feature is the unique training substrates offered by INVIDIA. This training substrates guarantee a realistic resection with only little difference to the resection in the patient.

Application example of the resection trainer

Presentation of the INVIDIA Universal Simulator for the realistic tutorial of a resection of prostate adenoma tissue (TUR-P) or bladder cancer (TUR-B).

  • Blasenkarzinom
  • Dosen
  • Resektion

Universal Simulator / EndoUro Upgrade

The current complexity of endourology, time management and high quality standards place high demands on the skills of the attending physicians. Effective training is and will be crucial in the future to meet these requirements.
The EndoUro-Simulator enables a realistic learning, training and explanation of a multitude of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of bladder, ureter and kidney. The simulator is a compact solution for realistic teaching and training purposes.
The EndoUro Simulator offers any beginner in endourology the perfect environment for learning, practicing and correctly using of the required instruments as well as for handling of the needed devices. If the instruments and devices can be used intuitively, it is much safer to start with patient procedures.

The following applications are possible

- The endoscopy of the entire urinary tract (bladder,          ureter, renal pelvis and calix system) with rigid and        flexible instruments
- Detection of stenosis, tumor structures and stone            concrements
- Stenosis expansion
- Stone removal by using of wire baskets and grasping      forceps etc.
- Stone fragmentation/removal with the different              procedures
- Placing a guide wire and a lock
- Placement and removal of a catheter and splint

The integrated components bladder, ureter, kidney with renal pelvis, and calyx system simulate a realistic anatomical environment.

  • Flex URS Kidney Stone
    Flex URS Kidney Stone
  • URS Lithotriptor
    URS Lithotriptor
  • Blase mit Ureter
    Blase mit Ureter
  • Niere offen mit Steinen
    Niere offen mit Steinen