SAM                 PROFESSIONAL         ALL-IN-ONE                            UNIVERSAL              MEDICAL              SIMULATORS

The current complexity of endoscopy, time management and high quality standards place high demands on the skills of the attending physicians. Effective training is and will be crucial in the future to meet these requirements.
The  SAM  Universal Simulator enables realistic learning, training and explanation of a multitude of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, urology and gynaecology. The  SAM  simulator is a compact solution for realistic teaching and training purposes.
The  SAM  Universal Simulator offers any beginner in endoscopy the perfect realistic environment for learning, practicing and correctly using of the required instruments as well as the handling of the needed devices. If the instruments and devices can be used intuitively, it is much safer to start with patient procedures.

The "Medical Training Devices" of the company INVIDIA-Medical GmbH & Co.KG can only be used for training purposes as well as learning and training tasks. They must not be used in the operating theatre. This also applies to components of these devices. The "Medical Training Devices" of INVIDIA-Medical GmbH & Co.KG are not medical devices subject to certification.